Monday, November 15, 2010

VeganMofo Day 15: Meals I made but never posted

I feel like every time I write lately, I utter some apology about not having posted in a while. Apparently, my veganmofo inspiration just couldn't compete with my bronchitis (blech!). I'm still coughing, but missing the fun (!), so rather than trade sleep for an interesting, witty, recipe-plentiful post, I thought I'd round up some food pics that never quite made it on here. Some of them were pretty dynamite. (NB: recipe titles are mostly guesses!)

First up: Spring Vegetable Risotto with toasted almonds. It looks like I might have thrown in some cashew goat cheese as well!

Next: Hummus & Veggie Pitas made by Vegan Momma Chef. I remember these. They were delicious and summery and everything I wanted at that exact moment.

The delicious luxuriousness that is the Coconut BLT at Aux Vivres, my favourite vegan restaurant

This picture is one I had originally planned to do a whole blog post about. Maybe I'll get around to it soon. People often wonder how to navigate parties at other people's homes as a vegan. Even more complicated, how do you help your KIDS navigate it? This is just one option...

Bean Burrito Night!

Ready to build & eat!!
And... just because it's November - a reminder of why all us Montrealers wish it was still summer...


  1. Ooh, everything looks delicious! That coconut BLT is right up my alley.

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