Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Veganmofo 2010, Day 2 (Day 1 for me!)

So with the beginning of November comes Veganmofo IV! For those of you in the know, this month of deliciousness needs no introduction. For everyone else, including me - this is my first blogging November - perhaps a small introduction would be helpful. Veganmofo stands for Vegan month of food. The basic idea is to blog as often as possible about all things vegan food-related. I guess the idea is to get the dialogue going, to remind others (and ourselves!) about the wonders of yummy vegan goodness, and to encourage those who are considering making the leap to do so by showing them how each day can be vegan with just the tiniest amount of effort. I'm on board.

I had high hopes of describing our new annual "vegan breakfast for supper" hallowe'en tradition, but it's almost past my bedtime, so that will have to wait until tomorrow. Thankfully, I think it's worth the wait :)

Instead I'll leave everyone with two great things.

First - a reminder that mac and cheese can be MEGA-delicious without the cheese. My family gobbled it down very eagerly tonight. Even more fun, it was filled with good-for-us veggies and whole wheat pasta, but tasted indulgent. This time, I put the fakin' bacon bits on top of the breadcrumbs rather than mixed inside, so they got nice and smokey.

Second, a picture of the cutest Elmo you ever did see.

Like looking in a mirror...

See you on Day 3!


  1. Just today, someone on a social networking site was on about how she would rather be campaigning for the environment that using time to cook vegan meals. What is the best way I can convince her that making vegan meals is not more time consuming than whatever she is currently doing? (I don't know as I don't know her, we were both commenting on a thread to which we had access.)

  2. That is one very cute Elmo...I love the "looking in the mirror" shot...it is Elmo watching Elmo, very cute.

  3. Thanks for all the great comments! Elmo is definitely about as cute as can be. I wish I could be more modest about it, but it just won't happen:)

    Vanilla Rose: The argument that veganism interferes with "true" activism is a pretty common one, and often tough to respond to. For this particular person, though, it might be a little easier. The truth is that it is not hard or time-consuming to cook vegan meals. You could be a vegan and eat chips for every meal. It would be very quick and very unhealthy. Cooking a whole-foods plant-based diet can take a bit more effort than heating up a pizza, but it doesn't have to. Canned beans, fresh veggies, frozen fruit, and prepared meals are all quick, vegan, yummy, and largely healthy. If your friend is truly as devoted to the environment as she says, it might be helpful to provide her with some stats about how much water, energy, feed, etc. is consumed by growing enough beef, poultry, dairy, eggs, etc. to satisfy a typical North American's diet. She might be shocked to know the answer...


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