Thursday, November 4, 2010

Halloween Recap: Breakfast for Supper!

This whole Veganmofo is great for getting my blogging butt into gear. I'm all for spreading the vegan word, and I have food pics in my camera for a month's worth of blogging, so now's the time to make the time, right?

One of the things new vegans sometimes struggle with is how to handle all the animal-based food that goes hand-in-hand with our favourite traditions.  My favourite solution is starting brand new, cruelty-free fun family traditions that can last for years. This plan actually started with my mom (big surprise), who got tired of turkey for Christmas long before she ever became Vegan Momma Chef. So - we started having Christmas fondue! My mom dragged out her awesome fondue pots straight from the 70's, and we started cooking veggies in broth, and dipping them in a variety of yummy sauces. Christmas Eve has been a fon-delight (groan) ever since.

Well, our little family started its own Halloween tradition to reflect one of my absolute favourite things: Breakfast for Supper! Here's the thing: I love breakfast. It's absolutely the best meal of the day. And having it for supper makes it that much better because you have more time to whip up something AMAZING! Plus, I've been dying to make really good use of Isa Chandra Moskowitz's Vegan Brunch ever since I bought it a couple months ago. I've made a couple recipes here and there, but no full-blown breakfasts... until a few nights ago :)

So I scanned the cookbook, and then picked through my fridge and pantry to discover some veggies and bananas in dire need of eating, and some very yummy leftover lemony-roasted potatoes from Veganomicom. From those, the menu was born: Veggie-laden tofu scramble, banana-raspberry New England style coffee cake smothered in a thick mixed fruit-glaze and lemony-hash browns smothered in cashew sour cream (from The Vegan Table) with a little bit of heat. All I needed was an able helper...

Notice the single oven mitt. Cute, right??
Let's start with the scramble. I know, I know. Tofu scrambles are so clichĂ©. However, when done right, they are also delicious, and can satisfy just about anybody's egg-related craving, both in terms of flavour and texture. I've made a few in my day, all of which were "alright". To ensure quality, I decided to stick pretty strictly to the "classic" recipe that ICM threw in her book, but added lots of veggies, (broccoli, onions, and red peppers!) because that's how I like pretty much all my meals. It was dynamite. Roger actually forgot for the first couple bites that it wasn't eggs. From him, that's HIGH praise.

Next up: the coffee cake. ICM's coffee cake is apparently "New York style" and contains no coffee. It is super-moist, and covered with a yummy crumbly topping and allows for lots and lots of variations. I threw a mashed up ripe banana into the batter while it was mixing, and swirled some raspberry jam in before spreading on the topping. Amazing combo. I will make this cake again and again and again.

Just to amp it up a bit, I whipped up a mixed fruit glaze to throw on top of it. Basically, I just threw a bunch of frozen fruit into a pot with a few spoonfuls of sugar to draw out the juices, and let the whole thing sit on medium heat (simmering) until it got thick and yummy looking.


Adorning the cake oh-so-delciously

Finally: the potatoes. These were a snap. A touch of Earth Balance and a hot pan make some pretty dynamite hash browns.

I topped these with one of my new absolute-favourite-and-very-quick-recipes-that-make-every-meal-better, vegan cashew sour cream from The Vegan Table. This recipe requires no nut-soaking (tee hee!) and very few ingredients, but jazzes up just about ANYTHING that needs a little creaminess. I added a few banana peppers and fresh cilantro for a little heat. The pumpkin loved it.

Overall, the meal was really fun, really tasty, and a great new tradition!

I only wish I'd followed the bear's lead and gone with a segmented plate so my fruit didn't ooze into my scramble!


  1. How lovely! I like starting new traditions on big holidays also! I also like the fondue one for Christmas. We started rolling sushi for Thanksgiving after going veg. It's so much fun! Love your blog.

  2. Sushi rolling is a great idea! Especially when you include delicious avocado :)


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