Friday, March 19, 2010

Blue is the New Green

With a bear to chase around, commitments for school, work, friends, and family, some of the things Roger and I loved to do in the past fall by the wayside. For example, we realized at the very last minute on Wednesday evening that we needed to celebrate St. Patrick's Day. With no green food dye, and no beer in the house, but a full bottle of Canadian Club and some overly ripe bananas, we started frantically searching for recipes that would suit our purposes. We decided on banana blueberry muffins. Fine, fine, they're not green, but the batter looked VERY blue, so we went with it. These are from How It All Vegan's "anything goes" muffin recipe - one of my very favourites ever. It's super versatile, super-easy, and always allows me to use up any almost rotten fruit in the house!

They turned out to be not-so-blue once they were all baked up. However, they were DELICIOUS. The chocolate chips, helped, of course!!

If you're wondering about the drinks in the background, they were also delicious! We had actually hoped to make a vegan Bailey's Irish Cream with our big bottle of rye, and found tons of recipes online. Too bad the only ingredient we actually had on hand was the whiskey. So - we improvised, and just mixed it in with yummy Chai Latté from Bolthouse Farms and lots of ice. This tasted nothing like Irish Cream, but actually mimicked egg nog amazingly well. It was DYNAMITE.

 Happy St.-Patrick`s Day!


  1. Hey Allison,
    Naomi told me about your blog when we were talking about vegan cooking the other day--it is very cute! I am sure I will check in regularly.
    Elizabeth H.

  2. Hi Elizabeth! I'm so glad you dropped into my blog - and even more glad that you like it! Hope you find some useful info here.

  3. I bet the aroma coming from the oven was delightful!

  4. Hi Joy - hope you're enjoying my blog! And yes - the aroma WAS delightful.


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