Monday, January 18, 2010

Fruit is Nature's Candy. Isn't it??

In my quest to stop wasting food, and with a container of dried black-eyed peas that had been sitting around forever, I went searching for a solution. I found a delicious-looking recipe for black-eyed pea masala, checked to make sure I had all the other ingredients I needed (I did), picked a side, and went for it. I finally got around to varying the leafy greens I eat (a girl cannot live on spinach alone!!), and paired the masala with swiss chard and caramelized onions from The Vegan Table. The whole meal was AMAZING. Roger said he would actually pay to eat it. Of course, I immediately asked if that meant he wouldn't pay to eat every other delicious thing I've cooked, and he somehow managed to change the subject. Tricky tricky tricky.

Dinner wasn't ready in time for the bear's desired (and fiercely maintained) schedule, so she went with broccoli and végépaté, a solid combo. We all enjoyed the cupcakes I made earlier in the afternoon. Although I was originally ELATED to discover that desserts are just as tasty without eggs, dairy, and honey, I am gradually beginning to regret said revelation.

Exhibit A: there are only 4 cupcakes on this plate.

Have you ever heard of a cupcake recipe that serves 4? I didn't think so. From now on, I'll have to try and repeat my friend Naomi's hopeful mantra: "Fruit is nature's candy."

Although I love apples, bananas, raspberries, strawberries, etc., I have my doubts about their chocolate replacing abilities...

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  1. I agree with Naomi, however, sometimes a vegan cupcake-especially chocolate, is just the ticket. Yum!!!


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